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Native Advertising

This format is excellent for attracting visits to specific offers that are more complex to sell. Commonly described as a non-intrusive advertising method, native ads blend with the organic content quite smoothly. As they receive product information on the side, users are drawn to the complimentary messages displayed for their interest. Our service includes image selection and text creation.

  • Destination URL(s)
  • Creatives
  • Headline
  • Body
  • Brand Name and/or Logo

Display Banners

We exclusively use premium display sources located above the fold banners next to the main content. There, we provide the most popular banner sizes and shapes depending on the client’s wishes. 

  • Creative(s) below 150KB
  • Destination URL(s)

Push Notifications

Push Notifications are short messages that users receive they have deliberately allowed themselves in an app or website. Not to be confused with normal SMS, push notifications have very high open rates. Due to their efficiency, we mostly use these notifications to regain engagement and offer unique deals. Our service includes image selection and text creation.

  • Destination URL
  • Text

Retargeting (RTG)

How It Works

Retargeting is done by placing a pixel or a piece of JavaScript code in the footer of the website’s pages. This pixel is tiny enough that the consumer won’t notice it. It enables the retargeting ad service to submit a request and place a cookie on the user’s computer.

We recollect granular-lever insights through transparent analysis of data, with cross-platform optimization, to re-engage those most likely to convert.


Display Banners

Native Advertising

Push Notifications

Content Marketing

Recommending online magazine that increases the reader’s knowledge of a brand
and their products or services through self-generated sponsored content.

  • All type of verticals
  • Fresh content
  • The main topics provided relate to shopping, lifestyle, travel and technology.

Product-feed aggregator for home decor and furniture. 
This all-in-one solution offers visitors the best daily deals by comparing different store 
and their inspirations from its blogs, newsletters, and social media.

  • Home, Living and Garden 
  • Best deals and promotions
  • Friendly on-site navigation and filters

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